April 25, 2012  Miele Law Group is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted its request for an inter partes reexamination of U.S. Patent No. 7,957,524, which is owned by Zagg Intellectual Properties, Inc. In granting Wrapsol’s request, the PTO concluded that Wrapsol has made a reasonable likelihood of prevailing showing that all claims of Zagg’s ’524 Patent are unpatentable. Zagg has accused Wrapsol and several other companies of infringing the ‘524 patent. Wrapsol has not only denied these allegations in court, but, also challenged the validity of the ’524 Patent before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by filing a request for inter partes reexaamination. Wrapsol, in its request, presented serious challenges to the patentability of all claims in the ‘524 Patent, based on prior art. Wrapsol asserted that it was therefore reasonably likely to prevail in its challenge of the validity of the patent. In its decision granting the reexam, the PTO has agreed, declaring “the request for inter partes reexamination . . . has made a reasonable likelihood of prevailing (RLP) showing that claims 1-37 of United States Patent Number 7,957,524 to Chipping . . . are unpatentable.”

About Wrapsol, LLC Wrapsol, LLC is a leading maker of protective adhesive solutions for today’s most popular consumer electronics devices and mobile phone handsets including: the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; MacBook notebooks; BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia and Motorola phones; HTC and other Android-based phones; Sony and Asus netbook computers; the Amazon Kindle e-reader; the Sony PSP, Sony PSP Go and Nintendo DSi gaming systems, and more. All Wrapsol films are precision cut to the device they cover for a glove-like fit that won’t change the look or lines of the device. Committed to community and the environment, all Wrapsol device protection systems are engineered, manufactured and packaged at its Massachusetts headquarters and come in 100% recyclable packaging. More information about Wrapsol and its product lines can be found at www.wrapsol.com