1/25/2011 BOSTON, MA — Miele Law Group P.C. and Co-Counsel Cooley Manion Jones, on behalf of their client, Tecnimed, announced today that the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York has issued an injunction against Kidz-Med, Inc./American Scientific Resources (“Kidz-Med”) related to the sale of Kidz-Med’s new thermometer. Last fall, Tecnimed discovered that Kidz-Med, Tecnimed’s former U.S. distributor, was marketing a non-contact thermometer in packaging remarkably similar to that of Tecnimed’s Thermofocus® thermometer. Tecnimed responded by filing a complaint against Kidz-Med in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, asking the Court to enjoin Kidz-Med from continuing to sell its thermometer in the similar packaging. The Court granted Tecnimed’s request, ordering that Kidz-Med/ASR stop selling the Kidz-Med non-contact thermometer using its current packaging, and requiring Kidz-Med to notify retailers that the thermometer has been recalled and instructing each retailer to immediately return all products to Kidz-Med. The lawsuit continues, with Tecnimed seeking damages arising from Kidz-Med’s sale of product with infringing packaging.

Tecnimed is the manufacturer of the world’s first non-contact body temperature thermometer, the Thermofocus®, which permits a parent to take a child’s temperature without disturbing the child. The success of the legal action in New York sends a strong message that Tecnimed is fully prepared to protect the uniqueness of its non-contact thermometer.

Please direct any questions regarding this lawsuit to Tecnimed’s counsel, Tony Miele of Miele Law Group

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