Areas of Practice

Miele Law Group handles matters involving trial and litigation, patents, trademarks, licensing and business transactions, and art and entertainment.

Trial and Litigation

In our trial and litigation practice, we handle PTO contested proceedings, matters in court, mediation and arbitration, and negotiations.  Our blended approach to the practice of law sets us apart from other law firms.  We are not only trial lawyers and litigators; we are also scientists and engineers, former patent examiners, experienced PTO patent and trademark attorneys, and business managers and lawyers.  These skills help us to effectively relate to our client and our client’s business, to efficiently work with experts, and to better understand and communicate with the various judges in court and at the PTO.  We are also well prepared to mediate and negotiate with our adversaries.


In our patent practice, we prepare and prosecute patent applications, draft settlement and licensing agreements; negotiate with third parties; pursue ex parte or inter parte proceedings at the US Patent and Trademark Office; provide our clients with written opinions; and handle matters in federal court. Miele Law Group’s patent preparation and prosecution practice is based on decades of experience working closely with scientists, engineers, patent office personnel, and business executives.  We add to this our unique level of experience as lead counsel in disputed matters and business transactions involving patents.

Trademarks, Copyrights, and Other IP Matters

We handle trademarks, copyrights, and other IP such as trade secrets, from counseling to handling matters in court.  Our trademark practice is focused on brand management and protection. We are able to guide you through the entire process of the trademark selection, application, and registration – from your initial clearance search through the day you file your first renewal. Furthermore, we handle matters before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), trademark enforcement matters in court, domain name dispute resolution, cease and desist actions, and trademark licensing and co-existence agreements.

Arts and Entertainment

Miele Law Group PC helps artists, entertainers, and related organizations with their legal needs, in a variety of areas. Our legal services might range, for example, from negotiating leases for space, to helping a musician close a deal with a record label, to defending a copyright infringement action in Federal Court.  Some of our clients include musicians, visual artists, authors, and filmmakers. We pride ourselves on being both readily accessible to our clients and sensitive to each client’s unique needs. Meanwhile, we understand the wide range and complexity of challenges facing the artist and entertainment community. We bring with us an affinity for the arts and business experience.

Licenses and Business Transactions

We also draft and negotiate various types of licenses and other business transactions. Some representative transactions we have handled include:

  • Cross-border trademark license agreements with client partner companies in countries such as Argentina, Peru, and Mexico.
  • Strategic Alliance among Mexican client and Canadian and European companies.
  • Deals of IT service and product company, with values ranging between $500K and $20M. Deals involved Software Development, IT Outsourcing, Value Added Reseller, OEM, and Licensing.
  • Corporate buy-out agreements.
  • IT Outsourcing Agreements; negotiated with purchasers such as MCI, Bell Atlantic, Bell Canada, US West, Bell South, and Lucent.
  • Strategic Alliance between health care software company and telecommunications software company.
  • Nondisclosure, employment, and independent contractor agreements.
  • Non-compete agreements.
  • Venture capital financings, public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and asset purchases.