Patents       Chapter 1 from Miele on Patent Strategy: Incorporating Patents into Your Business (Wiley 2001)

We prepare and prosecute patent applications. With decades of experience, members of our team have handled thousands of patent applications. In our patent practice, we bring with us:

  • Familiarity with organization culture. We have extensive experience working closely with engineers and scientists at all levels, at a wide range of organizations.
  • Effective communication and comprehension. Our blend of business, legal, scientific, and technical experience allows us to effectively communicate with business leaders, technology personnel, and scientists, so we can quickly comprehend the subject matter without unnecessary intrusions on their time.
  • Proficiency with technology. We are skilled in many technologies, including but not limited to optics, mechanical structures, electronics, computer hardware and software, biology, chemistry, and numerous others.
  • Flexibility. We are sensitive to the pressures experienced by our clients in managing their legal matters. To ease those pressures, outside counsel must be flexible in accommodating unique client procedures and requests. To facilitate our clients, we are able to offer our clients electronic documents and correspondence, prompt reporting of filings, and a summary report at various stages of proceedings.
  • Cost effectiveness. We are competitive on costs, while maintaining high quality.
  • Familiarity with the US Patent and Trademark Office. We know the US Patent Office, their systems, and their concerns. Our firm founder started his career as a patent examiner, and, for thirty years since, he has frequently worked with officials at various levels within the Patent Office.
  • First hand knowledge of litigation and business transactions, where our clients’ patents will be tested. The best patents are pursued in a way to survive these later challenges where the patent will be scrutinized. Our firm’s founder has benefited from experience in litigation, patent prosecution, and business transactions all involving patents, and wrote a book on the topicMiele on Patent Strategy: Incorporating Patents into Your Business (Wiley 2001).